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This Is LUX, one part innovation factory, and one part digital publishing house. With our deep resources within our niche fields, we're able to extend ourselves beyond the normal marketing agency and touch more audiences. Our sister site, LadyLUX, is a great tool for brand evangelizing editorial content. Beyond these two touch points, our geniuses are always at play somewhere within the social web and in the world—we know Zeitgeist.

We create solutions for luxury audiences and their clientele. Our strengths lie in being the liaison between brand, retailer and consumer; bridging the offline and online communication gap, and creating a seamless customer experience.

By being the “Ultimate Insiders,” we bring a wealth of LUX resources to our projects. We are absolutely passionate about what we do and with whom we work. We’re committed to progress, being a part of empowering teams and equipping them with innovative success.

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What We Do:

Strategy- Whether you’re looking to build an online retail store, grow your brand’s awareness or increase differentiation, with our team of diverse experts, we can assist your company in reaching a multitude of goals and achieving revolutionary success.

Tactile Execution- Milestones that are refined and executed with finesse. These interconnected points are crafted from an ongoing dialogue between us and client to ensure mission critical success.

Visionary Strategy- Ensuring a brand’s promise is consistently executed every step of the way.

Media Planning & Buying- From rich media, behavioral targeting, shopping portals and ad networks, we will help identify the right media partners, targeting, placement and cost to ensure success for your company.

Brand Recommendation- Based on your analytics and our industry experience, we’ll identify which brands will best perform within your online store. We want to help you keep your brand promise as well as the identities you carry.

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This Is LUX, a part of: Kiére Media, LLC

250 Newport Center Drive
Suite M100
Newport Beach, CA 92660
(949) 945-4676


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